Recovery Boys

Director of Photography and Producer

In the heart of America's opioid epidemic, four men attempt to reinvent their lives and reenter society sober after years of drug abuse.

“Intimate, poignant, and raw, establishing Sheldon as one of the most vital documentary filmmakers at the moment, especially on the often misunderstood subject of addiction. The social impact of a film like this shouldn’t be understated. Recovery Boys is a film with the power to break down potentially judgmental barriers that can stop someone’s chances to clean up their lives dead in their tracks.” - The Gate

“Unearths moments of raw revelation that quietly highlight our shameful lack of effective help…A moving yet cautionary tale and a painful reminder that recovery is a journey that never really ends.” - The New York Times



Director of Photography and Producer

Once a bustling industrial town, Huntington, West Virginia has become the epicenter of America's modern opioid epidemic, with an overdose rate 10 times the national average. This flood of heroin now threatens this Appalachian city with a cycle of generational addiction, lawlessness, and poverty. But within this distressed landscape, Peabody Award winning filmmaker Elaine McMillion Sheldon shows a different side of the fight against drugs; one of hope.

“Putting human faces on the crisis” - New York Times

“Transcends the politics of our current moment” - Slant Magazine

“The very best of the Oscar-nominated shorts” - NonFics

“Transcends the art of filmmaking” - The Wrap


John prine’s “summer’s end”

Co-director, director of photography, and co-editor

Elaine and I were asked to make a film for John Prine’s song “Summer’s End.” The film follows a young girl and her grandpa as they both deal with a loss in their life.